Project Development for NGOs in Adult Education

Name of the Topic

Project Development for NGOs in Adult Education

OBJECTIVES. Why do we make the video?

Project development within the realm of NGOs and grassroots organisations is often seen as a time consuming and unpaid activity. It’s also often understood as a very complex set of skills that are uncreative and boring. The aim of the video is to present a timesaving and collaborative tool that allows for a participatory group process where everybody is heard and can contribute. Thus, making project development a joint effort with benefits. The benefits being: a shared vision/goal from the very beginning of the project, evenly spread responsibilities and knowledge about the project etc…

Target group. For which is the target audience video?

Trainers/facilitors dealing with project development courses – both as services to NGOs as well as in train-the-trainer settings.

What are the key points of the video? What should the viewers learn from the video?

Project development can be conducted in a timesaving way that still allows for a group process.

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