Musical Intelligences

Name of the Topic

The musical intelligence is one of the 9 intelligences, which Howard Gardner developed.

OBJECTIVES. Why do we make the video?

The idea of this video is to expain that there is a musical intelligence and that it consists of different areas. The musical intelligence is one of the 9 Multiple Intelligences developed from Howard Gardner. The concept is one way of looking at the personal strengths or intelligences of a person. If you want to know more about the concept there is also a video on the Multiple Intelligences on this library.

Target group. For which is the target audience video?

Generally all type of educators (teachers, trainers, coaches, consultants) who are working on the strengths and intelligences of people and want to use it in their work.

People, who are interested in knowing more about the musical intelligence.

What are the key points of the video? What should the viewers learn from the video?

  • Learn that there is a musical intelligence
  • Introduction to the 3 main areas of the musical intelligence
  • Understand that every person has strengths and that every person is unique
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