How To Make Your VideoScribe

Name of the Topic

How To Make Your VideoScribe.

OBJECTIVES. Why do we make the video?

The goal of this video is to explain the additional basic steps to create a video scribing. A whiteboard or video scribing video can be done manually (we can say that in a traditional way) or done digitally. For this, each step is explained to understand the main process. Various software can be used. allows images to be generated by the software used and allows visual thinking to be organized. In digital format, it is also possible to control times, camera positions in the scene, create animations, etc. It is not only about using software to generate Scribe, but it can be properly combined using other types of software as shown in this video.

Target group. For which is the target audience video?

All those interested in editing and creating creative educational videos using visual thinking techniques, especially adult teachers who want to represent concepts in an agile and effective way.

What are the key points of the video? What should the viewers learn from the video?

This video explains the additional steps to digitally generate your video scribing successfully:

Step 1. Use a preparation form, such as the one proposed in the visEUalisation project to collect the main objectives of the video, the target group, and make a first reflection on the images and keywords.

Step 2. Make the storyboard. Create the sequence of scenes necessary for your video

Step 3. Digital image processing. Create or use free images.

Step 4. Use other tools such as creating a visual map.

Step 5: Among the options to integrate other software, one that can be generated is a word cloud, which highlights the keywords that we want to highlight.

Step 6: Select or create the sounds or music. Of course, a voiceover can be added to the video.

Step 7: Post-processing of the video wherewith editing software we can mix parts of the video, images, sounds, music, adapting the voiceover, etc.

In this section, you can download the above contents, so that you can use them yourself.

Download audio files here

Download SVG and PNG files here

Download the storyboard here

Download Video Scribe files here