Gender Awareness in Adult Education

Name of the Topic

Gender Awareness in Adult Education.

OBJECTIVES. Why do we make the video?

Gender issues and gender itself have become more prevalent topics in public debate. Oftentimes discrediting constructivist approaches or approaches understanding gender as non-binary. In the face of global femicide but also dissonances within medical fields, glass ceilings, quotas it makes sense to take into account the lived realities of cis women and deal with their (in-)equality struggles.
The video can be a concept or terminology explanation and should be a visually rich example of structures people have come to accept as normal and raise the question how we as educators can trace those structures and intervene and question them in a meaningfull way.

Target group. For which is the target audience video?

Trainers in adult education, administrative staff in educational institutions, train-the-trainer-staff and institutions.

What are the key points of the video? What should the viewers learn from the video?

To show that when it comes to gender – nothing is set in stone. Why – as an educator – it is important to recognize ones own biases and stereotypical thinking and challenge them as to not put women* (and men) in harmfull boxes that limit learning potential.

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