European Single Market

Name of the Topic

European single market.

OBJECTIVES. Why do we make the video?

To help to understand the values behind the meaning of “The European Single Market” and to strengthen “spirit of Europe” feeling by Europeans and New Commers.

Target group. For which is the target audience video?

Migrants in Europe. Both immigrants from non-EU countries and EU citizens, who migrate in Europe to find new work opportunities.

What are the key points of the video? What should the viewers learn from the video?

The key point is statement by the Spanish MEP Esteban González Pons of 31.03.2017 in the European Parliament:
“Europe is not a market, it is a desire to live together. Leaving Europe is not leaving the market, it is giving up common dreams. We can have a common market, but if we do not have common dreams, we have nothing. Europe is the peace that followed the catastrophic war (…) Europe is the fall of the Berlin Wall. Europe is the end of communism”

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