Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

Name of the Topic

Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

OBJECTIVES. Why do we make the video?

We live in busy time. Many people are feeling stressed with all these changes happening and do not know how to handle their emotions. The goals of this video is to raise awareness, on how everybody can nurture emotional intelligence (EQ).

Target group. For which is the target audience video?

This videos is for all adults, who are interested in developing their emotional intelligence. Further it is useful for all educators (teachers, trainers, coaches, consultants), who are working with the topics of EQ.

What are the key points of the video? What should the viewers learn from the video?

  • Every situation creates thoughts, feelings, and emotions
  • Stress is created, when too much is happening at the same time
  • Learn what the effect of a little pause can be
  • EQ is the dynamic alignment of the 3 brains
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