Short-term Training: Tech-Lab. Ibi, Spain

12-14 March 2019
The goal of the training activity is to:
  • - Know current status of software related. Preferably free and open software
  • - Learn the video scribing techniques.
  • - Learn how to use a pen tablet to develop graphic elements.
  • - Understand how to use music/sound in videos.
  • - Understand the legal frame work of videos, images and music.
  • - Learn how to create templates (50 images per video)
  • - Develop the first video scribing. (It will not be a finished video, but the whole technical creation process will be reviewed.)
The content in details of the training is:
Day 1: Visual software
  • · Visual mapping software (WiseMapping, Visual Understanding Environment, FreeMind mind-mapping software)
  • · Graphic organisers: Groupings of concepts, Descriptive tables, Timelines, Spiders, Venn diagrams (Flipboard, Clipix, PearlTrees)
  • · Digital image processing (Gimp, Pixlr)
  • · Introduction into the use of a pen tablet as tool for creating picture libraries
Day 2: Learning visEUalisation
  • · Configurable tools without the need of knowledge or graphic design skills (, Icons from The noun project, faceyourmanga, …)
  • · Music&Sounds Creator and Editor (Super Collider, Let´s make music, Audacity,…)
  • · Scalable Vector Graphics Editor (SVG-Edit, Inkscape) Techniques to design for painting in the way we need for using in video scribing.
Day 3: Learning how to create templates.
  • · Video scribing software (Videoscribe, PowToon, Animatron, TTS Sketch Maker)
  • · Creating Effects (ButtleOFX, Natron, FXhome HitFilm)
  • · Post-Processing: Video Editor (DaVinci Resolve, Presentation Tube)
  • · Legal questions about video, image and music rights (Copyleft, Creative Commons)