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If we say that a picture is worth a thousand words, we can say that a video is worth more than a million words. The history of humankind is linked to images: from prehistoric rock paintings to Egyptian engravings, fresco paintings in churches, illustrated books in the Renaissance, upuntil today, where for example, the marketing industry is continuously using images to transmit thoughts. Everyday items like t-shirts, or road signs, WhatsApp icons allow us to understand and relate to each other through images. The human brain is capable of processing visual information way faster than textual information. This project is presented to show how and why the use the so-called visual thinking concept is beneficial for teaching. Visual Thinking aims to show simple drawings and short texts, thus representing complex ideas. Visual Thinking benefits are: the amplification of the ability to remember by more than 65%; It is a tool to generate ideas: Fast, cheap and without risks; Facilitate consensus in working groups; Emotional benefits: it commits, it facilitates participation, motivation and promotes it communication; It facilitates attention to diversity and inclusion.
The objective of the project visEUalisation is to provide trainers in adult education with enought knowledge and information in order to make them able to develop animated videos applying the culture of visual thinking for teaching. These videos are known as video scribing, an audio-visual technique in which a voice-over tells a story at the same time as it is drawn. Although the reference sector is Adult Learning, it is interesting to note that the results of the project will be easily extrapolated to all sectors of education: School Education, VET or Higher Education can also make use of the results of visEUalisation to improve the digital competences of their teaching and training staff.
About the project
visEUalisation is in line with The European Digital Competence Framework for Educators (DigCompEdu) and The Digital Competence Framework for Citizens (DigComp) since it helps the development of digital competence. The European Union identified the Eight Key Competences for Lifelong Learning in 2006, which have been reviewed by the College of Commissioners on January 17, 2018. Digital Competence is a key competence of great relevance for citizens to be able to function properly in the current society. This project is presented as a tool to improve the digital competence by offering a non-formal training for the large target group: Migrants and adult people with fewer (educational) opportunities, training providers, NGOs and NPOs in adult education and youth workers, teachers in general, entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized enterprises.
The Consortium consists of four complementary and expert partners that provide value in the pedagogy and methodology necessary to create quality and impactful Storytelling using open source or free tools. Two intellectual outputs will be developed: an eLearning platform that will propose a MOOC to learn, on the one hand, the methodology to generate these videos (applying creativity techniques) and technical tutorials to learn the digital tools used to translate ideas into videos. The second Intellectual Output is a Visual Library with 20 templates and 1000 original images related to topics such as: immigrants' inclusion, intercultural aspects, preventing racism, xenophobia and discrimination, Multiple Intelligence, Inclusive and authentic leadership, emotional intelligence, creative people, entrepreneurs, European citizenship, European awareness, gender equality and awareness, equity and participation with an emphasis on gender identity and sexual orientation.

Project partners

Ad Meritum Foundation is a non-profit organisation. It was founded in 2013. We are the foundation founded by the micro, small and medium entrepreneurs (specialists in management, project management, language learning and learning management, training providing, small business management, from Masovian Voivode in Poland) to support entrepreneurship competences development of youngsters and adults in Europe, including migrants, NEETs and people with special needs and fewer opportunities.

Our fields of activities concern: - entrepreneurship and employability - social entrepreneurship - social inclusion of different target groups, especially NEETs, unemployed and elder people, and migrants.
Founded in March 2017 2Kroner is a private training and consulting service provider within the fields of Diversity, Intercultural Communication, Project Development & Management as well as Fundraising in Germany. 2Kroner offers bespoke Coaching, Seminar, Consulting and Oration/Lecture services for both the private and the public sector as well as for NGOs. 2Kroner is dedicated to the concept of lifelong learning and aims to enhance and promote equal opportunities and measures of empowerment for people from all paths of life, particularly those who are disadvantaged by structural discrimination.

2Kroner operates nationwide in Germany with a focus on the Berlin/Brandenburg area as well as the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia. One partner is based in Berlin while the other partner is based in Düsseldorf.

2Kroner is competent in producing inputs in regards to discrimination based on sexual orientation / identity as well as Trans* topics and general LGBTQI* rights.
ALP is a network of professionals who are passionate about leadership development and learning. ALP’s members combine academic and practitioners with backgrounds and experiences in the field of education, personal and organizational development from all over the world. ALP members share a common passion in new approaches to leadership and in NFL (non-formal learning) supporting the “opening up” of people's potential.

ALP is involved in different EU-Projects and is offering learning opportunities for adults around Inclusive leadership and Emotional Intelligence. Our courses include topics such as leadership, being authentic, communication, coaching, taking care of yourself, mindfulness, well-being, visualisation, storytelling, diversity and multiple intelligences.

Please take a look at our website for the current projects and courses.
The Asociacion de Investigacion de la Industria del Juguete (AIJU) is a private not-for-profit organisation. AIJU was inaugurated in 1985 and currently has near 500 associated companies and a team of more than 100 experts. AIJU has agreements with chambers of commerce and helps entrepreneurs and companies to design their development plans. AIJU's staff is a highly-qualified multidisciplinary team that allows to cover projects from technological and social topics: Psychologists, Sociologists, Educators, Economists, Designers, Market Analysts, IT programmers, Engineers.

AIJU is a technology centre that is at the forefront of ICT technologies. With more than 5.000 square metres facility including modern equipment.

Our institution is registered/accredited in the registry of centres and institutions for professional training for employment in the Valencian Region and also in the Spanish Public Employment Service. Accredited to teach proffesional certification programmes. During last year, 140 courses were developed with more than 2000 participants and more than 8000 teaching hours.



visEUalisation VideoScribe Toolkit

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visEUalisation eLearning Library

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